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If you struggle to fertilize the egg of your partner or failed to help her get pregnant, then you need to visit any fertility specialist.  Male infertility is the inability of any men to fertilize a mature egg of his partner.  To recognize the actual reason behind this inability, you need to visit any fertility specialist. There are various fertility tests for men that help to detect the quality of the sperm and identify different reasons for this infertility.

Tests involved in the detection of male infertility

To identify the actual reason behind the generation of different infertility issues, there are different tests that your doctor often suggests to you.  These tests are discussed below:

General health checkup

The first test involved in identifying different reasons behind the generation of various infertility issues in men is the general checkup.  To identify the actual reason, the doctor may ask you different questions regarding your sex habit, medical history. He may also ask you about your upbringing and puberty. Based on your answers doctors, will prescribe you different medicines and help you to overcome your fertility issues.

 Semen Test

 Semen analysis is one of the most important fertility tests for men.  To undertake this test, you need to provide a sample of your semen to the doctor and this sample will be critically examined in the laboratory. You may also use a special type of condom to store your semen at the time of intercourse. To get the best result of this test doctors will use different microscopic tools present in the laboratory. This test will help your doctor to get a clear idea about the quality, shape, and concentration of the sperm. Besides this, it will also help to get a vague idea about the motility or the mobility rate of the sperm.

Detection of Hormones

 The hormone plays a vast role in fertilizing a female egg. For this reason, hormone test is the major test that helps to get a detailed idea about the quality of the hormone present in your body. It is a simple blood test that you need to undertake. Along with this, the hormone test will help you to identify any abnormalities present in your hormone-producing organ or pituitary gland. For this reason, this test is considered as the major fertility test for men.

Scrotal Ultrasound

To determine the presence of varicocele, doctors will prescribe this test.  In this test, the doctor often uses ultrasound that travels inside your body and helps to get a clear picture of different things present in your body. Thus, scrotal ultra sound test will help the doctor to identify the presence of varicocele or any abnormalities in your testicles. Among different fertility tests for men, scrotal ultrasound is the common test preferred by the maximum number of doctors.

Tips for selecting any male fertility test

Male fertility test cost is the major factor that determines the type of test you may opt for.  Besides this, time is another important thing that you need to keep in mind before availing any fertility test.

To enjoy the happiness of becoming a new parent, you need to experience the mentioned tests.

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