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 In vitro fertilization is the process that helps to fertilize the female ovum with the help of male sperm in the laboratory.  Couples who struggle to generate pregnancy after having unprotected sex for more than a year. There are different reasons behind the generation of this fertilization issue.  To identify the actual reason behind the same one needs to consult some of the best IVF doctors in Noida.

The actual procedure of IVF

In Vitro Fertilization is a time- consuming process. To get the best result or ensure the determination of healthy pregnancy one needs to visit the best In Vitro Fertilization clinics present in different parts of Noida.

At the beginning of the treatment, doctors will ask you about your problems and based on these he prescribes you different medicines. All these medicines will help you to generate a mature egg and this egg will be taken to undertake further action.

Secondly, the doctor will take a mature egg outside your body and then fertilize it with the help of mature sperm in the laboratory. The entire fertilization is under the proper supervision of the doctors.

The last and the final stage involved in this process is the implantation of the fertilized egg or embryo. Doctors with the help of different medical treatments will place the fertilized embryo in the lining of your uterus and wait for attaining the best result.

Different tests involved in the IVF treatment

To avail the best result you need to consult any best doctor for infertility treatment in Noida. Before gathering more information this treatment we need to focus on different tests involved in this process.  To overcome different fertility issues and generate a healthy pregnancy one needs to go through the following tests:

Ovarian test

This test helps to determine the condition of the ovarian test. Doctors will suggest you undertake this test to get an idea about the number of eggs present in your body. This test involves the detection of different hormones like FSH, AMH, and Estradiol.

Patency Tubal Test

This is the test that helps to detect the condition of women’s fallopian tubes.  Based on this test report, doctors will precede further treatment. To get the appropriate result of this test one need to visit best IVF doctors in Noida.

Thus, if you want to generate a healthy pregnancy by overcoming your fertility issues, you need to visit the best IVF doctors in Noida.

 To conduct this test, doctors will take the sample of the sperm in the laboratory. This will help you to detect the quality, mobility and the concentration of this sample doctors use different microscopic tools and get the result.

 Prolactin Test

Excess amounts of Prolactin hormone may affect the reproductive system badly. Thus, to detect the actual reason behind the generation of fertility issues in women, doctors will suggest this test.

Detection of Infection

To detect the presence of any infections or diseases like HIV, hepatitis B or Rubella, doctors will suggest a test.  It will help any doctor to identify the actual reason behind the generation of different fertility issues.

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