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Our Great Story

The decision to conceive a baby is both quite crucial yet beautiful. It is a choice which allows the people to experience the best feeling in the world, becoming a parent and caressing their own child. However, due to the curse of infertility, it has become quite difficult for the couples to relish this beautiful emotion. So, to aid those couples, who are battling infertility, and help them to experience the joyous feeling of parenthood, SCI IVF Centre was born in the year of 2011.

We, at SCI IVF Centre, are quite sure that you and your partner are going to be amazing parents in the future. Therefore, we will provide you the helping hand you need in your war against infertility and help you to get rid of every issue from your life. 

It is our aim to banish infertility from our beautiful country and help everyone who is dealing with this. So, if you are currently struggling with the curse of infertility, then make sure to reach us. We will help you with everything we have. 

Besides this, we also offer numerous other procedures, such as ICSI, Laser Assisted Hatching, Ovarian Induction, IUI, Blastocyst Culture, and Surgical Sperm Retrieval, to treat the issues of infertility. Furthermore, we also hold numerous donor programs throughout the year. So, we can help you with almost anything and everything you need to overcome your situation and become a successful parent.

Due to our expertise in this field, we have received numerous accolades over the years since our inception in 2011. Currently, we are working with more than 300 members and staff on our clinic to help you and the others to get back in the track of parenthood. Along with this, we also work with some of the pioneers and experts in this field who, from the beginning, has helped us to be more efficient and effective in this field. Therefore, if you choose to opt for us, then we can assure you that you will surely be 100% satisfied. 

So, if you are facing infertility issues or have any questions in your mind regarding this condition, then make sure to give us a knock. We promise you that we will help you with all our might.

SCI IVF Centre

Our Mission

At SCI IVF Centre, our primary mission is to facilitate and revolutionize the procedures of conception. With the help of our state-of-the-art technologies, we aim to establish the SCI IVF Centre as one of the prime Center-of-Excellence in the field of Fertility Services. Therefore, at SCI IVF Centre, we are, continuously, doing thorough research to improve ourselves and to provide quality service at an affordable price to the couples’ in-need. With all these, we hope that one day we will be able to drive away the curse of infertility from the lives of the couples
and the country. 

Cutting-Edge Infrastructure

We, at SCI IVF Centre, are equipped with cutting-edge infrastructure and world-class equipment and technology, which help us to offer those in need with a plethora of infertility treatments. As our name suggests, we are capable of operating the procedure of In-vitro Fertilization or IVF, which is known to be the leading modus operandi of treating infertility.

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