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The Various Tests Involve the Diagnosis of Male Infertility

It is not always the woman who faces a problem in delivering a baby, but at times there may be multiple reasons for infertility. Even men diagnosed with infertility issues that hinder them from fathering a child. There is the number of expensive tests that a male had to undergo to know the real cause of infertility. The treatment starts when you visit the doctor for the first time. The male infertility specialist near me examines you physically following the interaction process. The doctor needs to know about your sexual habits, past illness, injuries, inherited conditions, and surgeries, if any, that had kept you infertile.

Prepare yourself mentally and emotionally to undergo the semen analysis

To get the most accurate results for your sperm count, you need to follow a few of the underlying instructions that list below.

  • Do not consume alcohol, drugs, cocaine, marijuana, and caffeine from three to five days before the semen test.
  • Avoid taking any herbal, hormonal medications before the tests. If you need to take them, consult your doctor.
  • If you are suffering from any infections, do not give your sperms for testing, as the results may be abnormal.
  • Besides, do not collect the sperm sample at home to avoid contamination.

The initial treatment of examining male sperms
The semen samples from the male spouse ejaculate either by masturbation or by collecting in a condom. The male fertility doctor examines the semen in the laboratory and watches the movement and the shape of the sperm. When your sperm count and its flow is normal without any abnormality, then a thorough check-up of your female partner is necessary. On the contrary, if your sperm count is below average, the analyzing program is repeated to 3 – 4 times to sum up the real reading.

Sperm analysis follows with other treatments to know infections in a better way

The IVF specialist doctor recommends the following tests that will help in understanding the reason for infertility clearly. Also, remember to take it to the center within 2 hours of ejaculation.

  • Scrotal ultrasound- the doctor will see inside the body through ultrasound waves, whether it has a Varicoceles or any other structure that may hinder fertility.
  • Hormonal testing is necessary to measure the testosterone levels and other hormones.
  • Post- ejaculation urinalysis. The presence of sperm in urine indicates that it goes from the bladder instead of coming out from the penis during ejaculation.
  • Genetic tests: genetic factors may be the reason when the sperm count is low. Blood tests and genetic tests recommend carrying the treatment further.

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