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Are you worried about your pregnancy or failed to conceive a baby after having unprotected sex for more than a year? Then it is the time that you need to consult a fertility specialist to recognize the actual reason for this failure. There are different fertility test for women that helps you to recognize the actual reason and find an effective solution to overcome the same.

Different fertility tests involved in the detection of women infertility

Infertility has become the major cause that restricts any woman to generate healthy pregnancy. These fertility tests for women are discussed below:

General health checkup

The first and the most important test you need to go through is the general health check-up.  To get a clear idea, the doctor may ask you different questions regarding your health and your sexual habit. Besides this, he may ask you about your menstrual cycle or may ask you about your lifestyle. This will help you to get a brief idea about the condition of your health.

Sonogram or Ultrasound

The sonogram is the most common fertility test for women. This test will help any doctor to determine the normal function of the uterus as well as ovary. Besides this to ensure the normal flow of sex hormones required for developing the embryo.

Ovarian Function test

To identify the normal flow of the FSH hormone, doctors usually suggest this test. Based on the report of this test, doctors will precede the treatment.


HSG test often helps any fertility specialist to identify any blockage present in the uterus and Fallopian tube of any woman. Serious blockage in the fallopian tube may reduce the chances of getting pregnant.

Ovarian Reserve test

To detect the number of eggs present in your ovary, doctors often suggest this test.

Ovule Test

Ovule test is another important fertility test for women that help your doctor to recognize the quality of the ovum you produce. Besides this, it will help you to know your possible chances of generating a healthy pregnancy.

Luteal Test

The generation of the appropriate level of progesterone is the most important thing to ensure a healthy pregnancy. Proper flow or secretion of progesterone may help to prepare the female uterus to carry a baby. This test will help the doctor to get an idea about the level of progesterone present in your body.


Laparoscopy is another way to detect the normal condition of the fallopian tube, uterus, and ovary. Along with this doctors use this test to analyze the presence of any abnormalities in your growth. Moreover, it will further help to detect the tendency of generating endometriosis that may affect your pregnancy badly.

Tips to select any women fertility test

There are different things that you should check before investing your money in availing any fertility test.

  • Female Fertility Cost
  • Appropriate tools
  • Experienced doctors
  • The success rate of the fertility clinic you select.

Thus, to overcome all your fertility issues, you need to visit a good fertility specialist and avail of the mentioned tests. This will help you to find the actual reason behind the generation of different fertility issues and overcome the same.

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